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Climate Policy in the Biden Era: A House Divided

Climate Policy in the Biden Era: Georgia on My Mind

Climate Policy in the Biden Era: Divided They Are

Climate Policy in the Biden Era

Climate Policy in the Biden Era: On a Personnel Note

Initial Thoughts on the Impact of the 2020 Federal Elections on National Climate Policy

The Role of the Federal Government in Climate Matters: Isn’t It Obvious?

Climate Policy in the End Days of the Trump Administration

Will the 2020 Elections Offer the Opportunity for an Environmental Do-over?

What the Frack? Why Waste Political Capital on a Pyrrhic Victory?

Climate Policies: Standing in the Shadows of a 6 to 3 Supreme Court

Courting Trouble: Climate Change in a 6 to 3 Supreme Court

Hey, Joe Biden! Call Me, Before Debating Trump on Climate Change

We Pledge…With Environmental and Climate Justice for All

With Environmental and Climate Justice for All?

Lawyers Wanted to Help Decarbonize the US Economy

I Pledge…with Environmental and Climate Justice for All?

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National Environmental Policy Act Revisions — Another Case of Botch-ilism

The Trump-ettes Have Blown: What It Means for President Biden’s Climate Strategy

It’s the Economy Stupid, and It Needs A Green New Deal

Masking Scientific Truth: What It Means for US Climate Policy

The Democratic Divide on Climate Policy

Trump Climate Policy-The Lawlessness of It All

Climate Politics — Trendspotting


Trump Keeps Rollin’, Rollin’ Back US Auto Emission Standards, and Other Critical Regulations

Who Cares About the Coronavirus Pandemic and Climate Change?

Bernie Sanders: A Candidate on the Cusp of Relevance

This will be the first national election in history in which climate change makes it onto the list…

One would think that the choice between a president who is attempting to roll back every…

OK, Young’uns — Is Joe Biden’s Position on Climate Good Enough?

The Nunce and Future King —

Will the Green New Deal Become the Green New Democratic Party?

Climate Matters: The Nature of Eco-McCarthyism

Democrats: A Party in Labor Over the Green New Deal?

Has Admitting Climate Change Is Real Put House Republicans on a Slippery Slope?

Courting Solutions to the Climate Crisis — In All the Wrong Places?

Yes, I would. I appreciate your reaching out.

Juliana v. US: Hardly Child’s Play

That’s absolutely right.

A distinct possibility.

Have Establishment Democrats Found Their Answer to the Green New Deal?

The 2020s Through Partisan Lenses — What Will It Mean for Climate Change?